...have played together for over a decade and a half and this trio has been one of the Pacific Northwest's best-kept secrets until now. All three have busy solo careers but have found time to gather together to play this rootsy, bluesy, soulful music that they love. They sat down at David Lange's studio and played the music found on Deceiving Blues all together in the same room, in real time, no headphones, no studio gimmicks, and no attempts to fix things later. Honest, immediate, heartfelt and real, in the tradition of the artists and music that inspired them. They repeated the method with their latest offering, We Heard the Voice of a PorkChop.

They first played as a trio when all three were on staff at the Centrum Blues Workshop in Port Townsend WA. They are known among aficionados of country blues as three of the finest teachers as well as players. With the release of these CDs and more concert bookings across the land, the rest of the world should soon find out what a select group already knows...these artists are three of the finest interpreters and creators of acoustic blues working today.


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